Yoga is a practice, not a “perfect.” Practice yoga regularly to gain deep benefits – not to impress or out-perform (unless you are impressing or out-performing yourself, of course!). In each class we teach, we take a “start here” approach; we want you to be aware and accepting of where your body and mind are today, right now. Over time, this gives you a rich sense of awareness, which allows you to live a less stressed, more mindful life.

Connect the elements of breath, mindfulness and movement to create the best you, now.  Yoga is a moving meditation. We believe in the power of mind-body awareness – uniting your breath, mind and movement allows you to stay in the present moment. You’ll see the results in a stronger body and more resilient mind. You may also notice chronic pain subsiding, sickness and injury occurring less often. Over time, you will change your mind about your body, which is our goal.

Yoga is for everyone. We offer classes for all ages and all levels. In each class we promise to give our students the gentle support they need to be their best on and off the mat. Our mission is for everyone to enjoy yoga – for just an hour or for their entire life.

LoYa offers “Just Right Heat”.
Not too hot, not too cold.

Why is “perfect” heat so important? Practicing in a correctly heated room allows:

Safe and Easy Stretching: Warm muscles, ligaments and tendons will allow you to move deeper and safely into all yoga poses.  Muscles and connective tissue become more elastic so you move deeper into poses with less chance of injury.

Detoxification: Heat stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out toxins from your body. The heat makes you sweat which promotes detoxification through your skin, the largest organ in your body.  This is why it is important to come to class hydrated and keep hydrated throughout the class; we want to keep the toxins moving out and water in.

Improved Circulatory Function:  This improved circulation facilitates healing and improved functioning of the internal organs.Heat also helps to increase metabolism to burn more calories.

About our heating system: Our studio heating system uses state of the art ecofriendly ENERJOY ceiling mounted heating panels This system provides sun- like radiant warmth and a hypoallergenic environment.

Radiant heat does not heat the air so it is non- drying and only heats the body to give feeling of being heated by the sun.