Yoga for Kids

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Things to know about kids classes

  • Classes are run as workshops.
  • LoYa is committed to serving the community and promoting the benefits of yoga for kids. All our in school classes and private group classes are offered at a reduced rate.
  •  LoYa can also be found in various after school enrichment programs, girl scout/ brownie meetings & cub scouts. We also support and donate to many of our local and wonderful charities in our area.
  • We are also available for birthday parties or private events. Contact us to schedule a date.
  • Several times a year we offer parent & child classes so always stay posted on our Facebook page for the announcement of these.
  • All kids classes are at normal room temperature and do not use LoYa Heat.

Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

  • Improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Improve listening skills, concentration and attention span using breathing and relaxation activities
  • Improve sleep and stress/anger control
  • Improve self- esteem and confidence
  • Teaches self- control, respect and compassion for others
  • Encourages an awareness and respect of nature and the environment

LoYa Kids (ages 7-10 years)

In our kids classes and workshops, we encourage kids to experiment with yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques in a non-competitive, creative, FUN and supportive environment.

We use songs, music and stories, combined with movement, to give our students a strong foundation for lifelong healthy habits and mindful awareness.

LoYaTweens (ages 11-13 years)

Yoga is a wonderful way for Tweens to build trust, self-confidence and mind body awareness.

Classes focus on teaching more challenging poses in a vinyasa flow sequence and breathing techniques for stress control.

LoYaTeens (ages 14+)

This is a basic vinyasa flow class with restorative elements and breathing techniques.

Summer Camps

This summer look for summer camp information at the studio and Reeves Reed Arboretum.